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Gundam Wing Harry Potter X-over

At the end of forth year Harry and some others mysteriously end up frozen. For they are not meant to fight in this war but another one years into the future. What will happen? How will they adapt. 90 chapters. This story does have yoai in it. Also this story has the potential for more chapters. 

Chapters 1-45
1 Frozen
2 Awaking
3 What the hell
4 Wandering and confussion
5 Battle of robots
6 Meeting Quetra
7 What Happened to Magic
8 A new Life
9 Running
10 Joining Oz Cadet Potter
11 New Gundan Piolets
12 Bonded for Life
13 Unreal
14 Mated Gundams
15 Zero system AI
16 Hidden Memories
17 Dr. J's Secerts
18 The mad five tell
19 Not so mad
20 Battle in Space
21 Gundams Humman forms
22 New Discoverys
23 Is love real
24 Inprisoned
25 Why Harry?
26 hearts Joy
27 Two much alike
28 Dogs of War
29 Loyality to the Lion
30 Shattered Dreams
31 Fear of the Furture
32 Hogwarts is a Gundam
33 What is truly a Gundam
34 Recycling and linking
35 Ancient lost Race
36 Seeking the Stars
37 War of Wars
38 Seeing who was who
39 Fear
40 A lost Prophecy
41 Stars Fate
42 Battle for redemtion
43 What is True Evil?
44 Master??
45 What the hell?

Chapters 46-90
46 Strugling to deal
47 Where did all the love go?
48 Destruction of several Oz Bases
49 Weapon- A humman Weapon
50 What have they done to Harry?
51 Lost souls
52 Memories fully Revieled
53 Seeking the past in the Present
54 Mad 5 not happy
55 What Truly is OZ
56 Going back to Hogwarts
57 hogwart's reasons
58 Long lost love hidden horrors
59 to free hogwarts
60 Evil comes charging
61 Battle of Hogwarts
62 Freedom
63 Seeking my love
64 Harry is What?
65 hush my darling
66 Battle for the Wrold
67 To heal old wombs
68 Treize is Percy
69 Evil is to live
70 Weasly horrors
71 Why, Why, Why
72 The Peacecraft Secerts
73 Reclaiming Harry
74 Puppets on Strings
75 Seeking Charlie
76 To Many Questions
77 Giving back to the mad 5
78 Not counting to Remember
79 Zero Breaks Down
80 gundams Won't fly
81 What the Hell
82 Fustration
83 Wufei knows things
84 going to L2
85 Fate is so Cruel
86 Trying to find ground
87 Oz attacks
88 Dark secerts, Bloody nights
89 Will this War ever end
90 A long long Time ago

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Disclaimer: I do not own Gundam Wing or Harry Potter. I am only doing this for my personal amusment and I make no money off of this.